Reasons for Firearm Accidents

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If you are going to own a firearm, then it is essential to understand a variety of safety rules to prevent accidents or deaths. Approximately 50,000 deaths occur worldwide due to accidents with guns each year, but there are important ways to prevent this from happening. Injuries or deaths from guns occur because of these reasons:

• Malfunction
• Negligence
• Accidental

Firearm Safety Rules

The individuals who use firearms on a regular basis have created several rules for safety, including:

• Do not shoot at water or hard surfaces
• Do not climb fences or trees with loaded weapons
• Unload a firearm before storing it or leaving it unattended
• Do not point a gun at anything just for the fun of it
• Know the target before pulling the trigger on a firearm
• Carry a gun correctly to control the muzzle
• Keep a firearm’s barrel clear
• Do not keep a loaded gun in a building
• Learn how to use a firearm safely
• Do not use drugs or drink alcohol around firearms
• Use a gun alarm on all of your firearms
Causes of Gun Accidents

An additional rule is to assume that a firearm is loaded in order to take the precautions necessary to avoid an accidental shooting. All experts believe that guns should never be stored with ammunition inside and that no one should point a firearm at someone playfully. When carrying a gun in a holster or hand, do not have a finger on the trigger to avoid an accidental discharge. Experts have kept statistics on what causes accidents with firearms and have determined these are the reasons:

• Mechanical failures – guns in bad condition
• Assumptions – assuming the firearm’s safety is on
• Faulty handling – failing to follow the proper steps

Anyone using a firearm must understand a target before placing a finger on the trigger and aiming to avoid hitting someone nearby. In addition, if there is anyone behind the target, it is possible for a bullet to penetrate a target and injure another individual. Many cities have regulations concerning owning firearms such as having a permit or not shooting a weapon at night to avoid accidents.


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