What If?

My child accesses my firearm?


Using ChildSafe1

Motion Sensor Alarm

ChildSafe1’s loud 95 decibel motion sensor alarm alerts you as soon as the gun is touched. Most children are so startled by the alarm that they just run away!


Second Alarm!

Trigger Block Removal Alarm

If your child tries to disassemble the ChildSafe1 device, the motion sensor alarm will continue to sound. In addition, ChildSafe1 is designed with a blocking mechanism that serves as a child deterrent.

In the rare event that your child would be able to disassemble the ChildSafe1 device, the trigger block removal alarm will be activated with a different sound. This different alarm sound will signal that ChildSafe1 has been disassembled.


With ChildSafe1, we are protecting our children and their friends who come over.
You cannot trust children to obey the rules when they are alone with a gun!


Grandparents have unprotected guns, too.  So dangerous when inquisitive grandchildren come over!
Grandparents can give a gift of life to their children with a ChildSafe1.