YOU can help save the lives of American children. Would that be rewarding?

We have a simple message that must be heard -- "Your hidden gun is not really hidden from your children" -- according to a huge Harvard study, 73% of children know exactly where it is and many have played with your loaded gun then put it back so you would not know! Without a trigger block, your gun is an accident waiting to happen, killing your child or others!"

You can help warn parents before it is too late -- Every day over 20 children die or are grievously wounded by accidental gunshots. Just picture that!

By volunteering, you will know that children are alive and families are whole because of what you did to spread the word.

It is so simple to help save children, maybe even in your own neighborhood!

  1. Go to www.facebook.com/GlobalGunSafety then click LIKE.
  2. Click “More” (next to LIKE) then “Share”
  3. Click “Share on your own timeline". Then below, select “Public” in the box next to Cancel.
  4. Write something short like “This is how I am helping to save children. Would you please help, too? Click www.globalgunsafety.com/volunteers to learn how. It’s so simple to do and takes just 2 minutes!”
  5. Click POST.
  6. If you belong to Facebook groups, ALSO click on “Share in a Group” and select the group. Then click POST

Want to Do More?

If you want to do more, like talk about the problem to local groups or clubs you belong to, great! We'll provide you with the talking points, handouts, slides or anything else you want. You could even become your local leader of this movement to save lives by changing how society thinks about unprotected guns, just like the social change around seat belts saved so many lives. Please contact us using the form below.

Imagine the feeling of knowing you have saved a child's life and a family's future! Start now.

Types of volunteering you may want to do (check all ways you want to help):

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