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Take this "Child In Danger" Test

  1. Do you have an unlocked and loaded gun in your home, maybe in a bedroom drawer? Yes No
  2. Do you have a child at home? Yes No
  3. Are there times when you can't see what your child is doing? Yes No

Could this be your story?

If you answered Yes to all three, then your child may well be in mortal danger!

  • In Fayette County, Pennsylvania, a two-year-old toddler took his stepfather’s pistol out of his mother’s purse and shot himself in the head while the adults were in another room. That fast your child is gone and your life has changed forever!
  • A loaded, unprotected gun lays “hidden” in millions of bedrooms.  73% of kids under 10 know where the gun is hidden. And 1 in 3 admit they have played with that loaded weapon!! BANG! Your child is gone forever. ChildSafe1 trigger block is your protection.
  • Every day you are playing 'Russian Roulette' with your child's life!  ChildSafe1 trigger block will give you the peace of mind you want, and the quick release you need in an emergency.
Watch: Children cannot remove ChildSafe1
New Invention Helps Stop Accidental Child Shootings

Every day over 20 children are killed or wounded in accidental shootings! Not one parent thought it would happen.

Mom says I shouldn’t . . . but she’s not here.
I wonder what this is?
Look, guys, I’ve got a real gun!
Ohh! A new toy!

ChildSafe1 is the solution!



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