Mission and Vision Statements

Our mission is to prevent deaths from accidental shootings. Guided by our Founding Fathers in the 2nd amendment through privacy and firearms ownership, ChildSafe products are designed to save lives, reduce injuries and limit firearms from being stolen and ending up in criminal hands. We provide firearm owners with instant warnings of an unauthorized person or from trying to use the firearm.

Our Vision is to provide parents and other gun owners the most versatile and effective tool for preventing the discharge of a handgun or long gun, while warning others of a protected weapon’s possession by an unauthorized person and its location.

Our Vision is to inspire volunteers, employees, vendors and distributors with the knowledge that together we are daily saving lives and averting lifelong guilt by preventing deaths and mutilation among children in homes and schools due to gun violence.

Our Vision is to help caregivers protect mentally unstable or challenged persons from using an unprotected gun to commit violence on others or themselves.