Childproof Gun Trigger Guard that Provides 2-Second Access to Firearm Makes Debut at Las Vegas SHOT Show Jan. 17-20

Last October a Las Vegas three-year-old girl’s life was changed forever because of an accidental shooting from her mother’s unprotected gun. The bullet hit the toddler’s chin, and then went through her neck and trachea before exiting from her spine. The girl, whose name is Honesty, is partially paralyzed. Doctors don’t know whether she’ll ever walk again. READ MORE

Global Gun Safety Launches in Scottsdale, Aims to Stop Accidental Child Shootings

Motivated by the number of accidental child shootings and lack of solutions, an Arizona man invented a new, high-tech gun trigger block that prevents young children from firing the weapon, while at the same time gives the gun owner 2-second access to the firearm. READ MORE