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This page introduces you to other products, services, information sites, etc. that will help parents keep their children safe.  We add new entries as we discover them, so check regularly.  Also forward any good suggestions you might have.  Thank you!


        National Shooting Sports Federation

Check out their excellent program Project ChildSafe at   While education is not enough, especially with younger children — never foist your responsibility for their safety off onto them — good safety training is important if you have guns in the home.


             Skip Coryell’s Home Defense Show (podcast)

Each week Skip interviews guests who can help you protect your home, your children, your entire family.  Skip’s light, breezy style makes this important show easy listening.  Skip is a big supporter of ChildSafe1 after testing it out on his four kids — none of them ever figured it out.  Tune in: .


              United States Concealed Carry Association — Safety Training

If you plan to carry a gun anywhere outside the home — in your purse, car, on your person, etc. — PLEASE get professional training from a USCCA certified instructor.  Every month inexperienced gun carriers die or are wounded — including those who are accidentally shot by their own children!

Be safe and let others be safe, too.  Get trained!


 Effective Gun Training Program Saves Kids’ Lives. 

The U.S. General Accounting Office found the ASK program to be one of the most effective training programs at saving the lives of children from accidental gun deaths.  It does this simply by asking parents to take this pledge:  If their child is going to some other house, the parents WILL ask the owners if they have an unprotected, loaded gun.  Too often parents may be gun safety smart, but other parents aren’t.  Take the Pledge, and pass it along to other parents.  Click here.