Gun Safety Trainers

Gun Safety Trainers: Special, Private Opportunities

Jim Liesen, Certified Instructor, NRA, USCCA, NSSF. Owner, Apex Arms, Lake Havasu City, AZ

Childsafe1 protects the kids from unauthorized access in a completely new and effective way that is unique in the marketplace. It has features no other product has and it’s easy for adults to access in a hurry. Childsafe1 provides peace-of-mind while allowing fast access when you need it.

Gun Safety Trainers are heroes. They save lives in the future by providing superior training today. More and more trainers like Jim Liesen here also try to help parents understand gun safety at home and traveling, including the dangers of an unprotected gun to children.

We are making the job of trainers easier, and more profitable, too. How?

The new two-second fast-release trigger block ChildSafe1 stops children from pulling the trigger even if they do find the "hidden" gun. Parents have peace of mind knowing their child is safe. (Not one child has ever removed it!)

Parents are better prepared for a break-in or other emergency because they can quickly and silently remove ChildSafe1 in the dark -- no fumbling, making noise, turning on a light or reaching up high in the closet -- saving MANY precious seconds they may need.

Trainers like you can also have a brand new course to sell to parents, complete with slides and handouts, crafted to help you teach parents home gun safety rules. We've developed it with trainers, parents and teachers. Parental Gun Safety is yours for FREE to increase your yearly revenue.

You can sell ChildSafe1 to parents and grandparents, saving lives AND making an incredible commission doing it! This offer is so good we need to tell you privately! And grandparents will likely buy two, for themselves and their grown children. Past customers are another prime source for sales and also upselling the new course, too! Could you use that extra cash?

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