New Bill Introduces Gun Safety Course in Utah Middle Schools

Gun Safety Course | Insyte Protect

As a response to recent mass shootings, Sen. Todd Weiler has proposed a new bill that will allow for Utah middle school students to receive classroom training on gun safety. One of the main points the students would learn in this course is what to do in the event that a student brings a gun to school. The course is intended for eight graders but might later open up to sixth and seventh graders as well.

Weiler stresses that no guns would be brought into class for this course. The kids would be informed to no touch a gun if they see one and to tell an adult immediately. The president of the group Utah Parents Against Gun Violence, Miriam Walkingshaw, agrees that it is a good idea as long as the safety information is present in a neutral way. A handful of states, including Louisiana, Virginia, Michigan, and Missouri, already have laws in place which allow elementary schools to teach gun safety classes. These laws suggest that the curriculum be based off of the Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program from NRA.

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