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From Skip Coryell, host of the Home Defense Network radio show

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We need to keep all kids safe around guns. I’ve never been a big fan of trigger locks, but I have to tell you, I love ChildSafe1. It’s a trigger blocker, not a trigger lock, and it works fantastic. I tried it out on my 3 kids and they could not get the ChildSafe1 off the training gun. I gave them five minutes – I sat there and watched them and they couldn’t do it. I am satisfied, more than satisfied, that my kids are safe around a gun protected with ChildSafe1. Here’s the good thing about it. I can get that lock off the gun in under two seconds, but my kids can’t even figure out how it works. Childsafe1 is a win-win for everyone in the family. My wife is happy because she knows the guns are secure. My kids are happy because they’re safe, and I’m happy because when the wolf comes a knockin’ I can have that gun cocked, locked and ready to rock in less than two seconds.

Best I've seen in 25 years...

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I've been teaching people how to shoot for more than 25 years. I've been teaching concealed carry in New Mexico since 2003. I've always been reluctant to recommend using a gun lock to help prevent unauthorized access for firearms intended for immediate self defense because they are just too complicated and too slow to remove for that all-important near-immediate access. InSyte changes the game. I can now make that recommendation to my students knowing that they can protect against unauthorized access as well as protect themselves.

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I am a NRA Certified Range Safety officer. I fully recognize the delicate balance between keeping kids safe and having rapid access to a self-defense weapon in the case of an emergency. I have seen no other product that offers the protection and speed of ChildSafe1. As a gun owner for over 35 years, I can honestly say that I’ve never liked gun locks. I own a gun for protection and if something “goes bump in the night”, I want to be armed as quickly, stealthily and silently as possible. I’ve been awakened from a deep sleep and know that muscle coordination does not engage for a few seconds (at best). Trying to get a combination or a key onto a trigger lock takes too long… if someone is in the house and coming down the hallway – every second counts. Newer gun safes have finger-pad controls that open a spring-loaded drawer giving rapid access to the weapon. The problem again comes with being coordinated enough to remember the proper combination when groggy… and frightened. Children can also learn the combination if they happen to watch carefully enough. And we all know how sneaky and smart kids are. Some folks prefer to hide their gun in a closet assuming their kids will never find it and giving them “quick access” in an emergency. Well… as a child, were you able to find presents that were carefully hidden by your parents? ‘Nuff said on that! As for quick access to the weapon in the closet; you have to get out of bed, stumble across the room, open the closet (noise that gives you away) reach past/under the clothes where it is hidden to retrieve the weapon and be ready. Again – many seconds lost when every second counts. New “trigger locks” are hitting the market that have finger-print pads that will release the lock. If you have one you know… if you don’t, ask someone with an iPhone how reliable that finger imprint technology is. Do you want to risk your family’s lives on something that doesn’t work 100% of the time. ChildSafe1 is mechanical. It comes off when needed every time. We want fast access and we want to protect our kids. ChildSafe1 from Global Gun Safety accomplishes both. With the alarm set (sensitivity is variable and easily controlled by you) if the gun moves, a 95dB alarm screams. No kid will stay there once that alarm goes off. You can turn off the motion alarm at night either from the touch pad on the device or from a remote control rendering the motion alarm silent. Now for the easy access part… I’ve timed myself. Even in the dark, the ChildSafe1 comes off in under 3 seconds. That’s fast. You are armed and ready in that time. It is versatile enough to fit virtually any gun that has a trigger guard: revolvers, semi-automatic handguns, shotguns, and rifles. It can even be easily adapted to fit 1911s and 1911-style guns (with solid design triggers) so you can still be in “Condition one” and have your 1911 childproofed!

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